Nana Star

To those who knew and loved her, Elizabeth Owens was the real Nana Star. Born February 1, 1924 in Baltimore, Maryland, Elizabeth had three children, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Elizabeth had a very special relationship with her grandson, Vance. Together they stood by the bedroom window at night gazing at the stars. Vance often asked his Nana, "Is the Moonman really out there?" Nana told him that the Moonman was always there for him. When Vance moved away, Elizabeth sent him hand-crafted cards made of construction paper and illustrated with numerous darling characters, drawn with markers and decorated with colorful stickers. She became "Nana Star" and, with the Moonman and many other friends, watched over Vance. This was Elizabeth's way of showing Vance that she was always with him.

Over time, an enchanting collection of thoughtful cards and remembrances inspired by Nana Star came into being. The characters in this sweet and endearing collection touched the hearts of everyone who saw them.

Now the next generations are involved in sharing Nana Star's magic through a picture book series and toy collection. Linda Saker, Owens's daughter, is the series illustrator; her granddaughters, Elizabeth Sills and Elena Patrice, write and publish the Nana StarY stories; and her five great-grandchildren have contributed inspiration to this special undertaking.

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