Halloween by Martha Part II

Martha Stewart is the undisputed queen of home decor, and halloween is no exception. Here are a few of our fave halloween crafts by Miss Martha.

Pumpkin Vase

Pumpkins wear many hats this time of year, appearing in pies and soups as well as in centerpieces. Here's another use: Transform one into a colorful homemade vase.

1. Begin by selecting as round a pumpkin as you can find. Cut off the top, and scoop out the inside pulp and seeds Inside the pumpkin, place a plastic paint bucket or any plastic container that fits easily.

2. Place a cube of Oasis floral foam inside the container, thinning it to fit. Press the foam down to make it level, and drench it with water (enough so that a small pool collects at the bottom of the container). Arrange seasonal flowers, dried leaves, and berries as desired -- we used lady's mantle, dahlias, maple leaves, and hypericum berries.

Flying place Cards

Set the stage, and the table, for Halloween with these strange creatures -- half bat, half pumpkin. Bend a 7-inch wooden skewer one-third from its blunt end. Fold a square of black crepe paper into a triangle over two-thirds of bent skewer, and secure with a glue stick. Fold top point of triangle down, and glue. Cut scalloped edge. With an awl, punch holes in opposite sides of a mini pumpkin, and insert wings. Write names on small tags; scorch edges for extra spookiness.

Jack O Clock

Cinderella pumpkins are bright orange and somewhat squat. Choose one with a clean, flat base, which will serve as the clock's face. The design is carved with a linoleum cutter, which removes only the outer flesh.

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