I remember when I was a little girl (no really I do).
I remember every year I would write Santa a letter telling him all of the good things i had done that year, and asking for the presents that I really wanted him to bring. I would then wait and wait at the mailbox for my return letter from Santa. I would treasure that letter for the remaining time before Christmas, because he always agreed that I was a good girl. I guess I kept it as sort of proof, just in case he wizened up before Christmas eve and i awoke to find coal in my stocking. I had it in writing, I was a good girl, and that letter was my guarantee of an awesome present (or twelve) waiting under the tree.
These days kids are a little more high tech, now they can email Santa, find out instantly if they're on the nice or naughty list, and even read Santa's blog. Of course there's still the traditional option for those of us that can coax our children off the computer long enough to write a letter. Santa's address is still the same as it always was,

North Pole

Modern Housewife would love to know what you and your family will be asking Santa for this holiday season.

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  1. An elliptical machine, maybe...!?
    Riley will probably be getting a high chair and some other, more fun stuff... although fun to an 8 month old is wrapping paper and box.
    And the Hubs... he's in Iraq, so i'll have to think of something clever :)


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