The Time Has Come

Its time.

For almost a year now I have been able to put my body issues aside. I could have that double scoop of ice cream and sneak down to the fridge in the middle of the night for a little treat. I could do all of his without guilt because after all, I was eating for two. I could pat my gigantic round belly and not feel like a house, I was pregnant and the belly was beautiful.
Now I have an almost three month old and i find that i am still eating for two, the belly however is neither cutely round nor necessary, and it needs to go. The problem is, I cant exactly diet because Im breastfeeding, and long hours at the gym are out because I couldn't stand to be away from my beautiful girl that much. So I am on the lookout for exercise that I can include Sophia in. I want to keep it fun and spend some quality time with my little girl as I do it. I also need to start eating healthy, Ill be on the lookout for some yummy and healthy recipes to share.

My stats

Ideal weight 145 lbs
pre pregnancy weight 159 lbs. ( the week before my positive test)
weight at delivery 196 lbs (at 38 weeks pregnant)
weight when i left the hospital 190 lbs
current weight 178 lbs (10 weeks post partum)

that was hard, i have never ever admitted my real weight before.

My Plan of Attack

I started classes this week with my mom and cousin. My goal is two classes a week, I would love to do more but I cant bring Sophia and I really miss her during the time classes. I know its good for her to spend time with her daddy but I feel like the best part of me is missing when shes not around.
This week i did three hot yoga classes. It was hard, especially the first class, I learned that when it says advanced, it should not be tried by a beginner. I amy be imagining things but I can feel a difference already. I feel less tension in my shoulders and back, and i seem to be able to stretch better.

I love to take Sophia out in her stroller, and i know she loves it too. My goal is a walk every day, but this being a canadian winter I know that may not be possible. Luckily I live in a great area for walking and we've got kms and kms of trails surrounding my house, so on days when the weather is good, I can just pop her in the stroller and go.

There will be less chocolate. this will be hard.

Wish me luck!

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