Spring Clean

Now that spring cleaning is well under way, and were all feeling s little better, with memories of winter slowly fading from our minds, it’s the perfect time of year to clean out your makeup bag. Most makeup is only designed for a shelf life of a year, and after that it will start to break down, and besides being a little gross it wont look so hot anymore. The best part about spring cleaning your makeup bag? You now you have a great excuse to go shopping.

Cleaners and Moisturizers
These should be good for a year, or so. To make them last longer just be careful about how you apply them, your fingers or your face should never come into contact with the top of the bottle, as this can contaminate its contents, instead apply creams to a q-tip or sponge, then apply to your face.

Sunscreens should be tossed at the end of every season, after that they wont be effective. Since you should be applying sunscreen every single day, a bottle shouldn’t last you longer than a season anyway. Tip: Keep your sunscreen by your door in an easily visible place, that way you’ll be more likely to remember to put it on before you leave the house.

Self Tanners:
There are mixed messages about how long self tanners can last, most say two, but I wouldn’t keep them more than one because the color can break down. You don’t want to turn a shade of orange more suited to fruit than skin.

Foundation: Cream foundation is good for about a year, mouse foundation for about 9 months.

Powder Compacts: The power itself can be good for up to two years, if stored separately from the puff, puffs should be either cleaned or replaced about once a month. If you store your puff inside of your compact the shelf life is closer to six months.

Eyeshadow: Powder eye shadows will last indefinitely as long as they are kept contaminant free. Creams are good for up to a year if kept the same way.

Eyeliner: Eyeliner pencils can be kept forever as long as you sharpen them before or after each use, you can also wipe them down lightly with alcohol every few weeks just to be safe. Liquid or cream liners last closer to a year if kept properly. Tip: Always have two clean liner brushes available so that no double dipping is required in your eyeliner tins.

Mascara: Mascara should be tossed after 3-4 months, no matter how much it costs!

Blush: Powder blush, the same as powder eyeshadow, cream blush, the same as cream eyeshadow.

Lipstick and Lipgloss: Both can last up to two years

Lip liners: Same as eyeliner pencils, the bacteria is removed when you sharpen, so sharpen often and it should last you several years.

Sponges and Puffs: Sponges should be replaced every single week, no exception. Velour Puffs can be washed with your makeup brushes.

Makeup Brushes: Good brushes like good friendships can last forever, as long as you nurture them. Brushes should be washed with a gentle baby shampoo once a week or every two weeks, and them dried standing handle down. If you think your brush has been contaminated you can also rinse it in rubbing alcohol.

Tools like Tweezers, Eyelash Curlers and Sharpeners: Metal tools should be cleaned after every use, especially tweezers. To clean them just soak in rubbing alcohol for two minutes and rinse.

Now keep in mind, these are all just guidelines, you know what your products should look, smell, and feel like, if it’s off, don’t use it. Also how you store your products will determine how long they last. The bathroom is the absolute worst home for your products as the heat, and humidity will break them down. Keep your makeup in a cool dark, easily accessible place. I keep mine in my top dresser drawer.

Happy Cleaning


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