Changing opinions and cloth diapers

Its funny how being a mom can change you, and the way you think. Before I got pregnant with Sophia, I never thought Id breastfeed, if i did it would be for maybe a few weeks, three months tops. I didnt want saggy boobs, a clingy baby, or a daddy that couldn't help out.
Now, Sophia is almost six months old and our breastfeeding relationship is one of the greatest things I have ever experienced, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. In fact I find myself becoming an advocate for extended breastfeeding, and even *gasp* tandem feeding. It never ceases to amaze me how with everything i thought i knew, I really knew so little.
Another area in which Ive changed is diapering, Ive been a Pampers baby dry fan since Sophia was born, Ive heard the statistics about one child creating 2.5 tons of diapers in a landfill by age two and how diapers take over 500 years to break down, but I really didnt see an alternative. I thought of cloth diapers as a huge inconvenience ( i once heard that you had to keep buckets of bleach and water in your laundry room and spend hours soaking them before they could even be washed).
Recent news reports however really made me sit up and take notice. I started doing some research, and I learned that among other chemicals diapers contain chlorine, dioxin ( a bleach by product), Sodium polycrylate, and VOC's. Why am I going to such extremes to avoid chemicals in my home if I am going to be having my daughters most sensitive areas wrapped in them?
Cloth diapers really started to make sense to me, so i went out and bought a few.
It only took me about 24 hours to become a convert. Every morning my daughter used to wake up a little red, it wasn't a rash, and it cleared up by noon most days, but it was always there. The first night in cloth, she slept about twelve hours, when she woke up I changed her and was amazed. Not only was she not red, she was completely dry, as was the upper layer of the diaper. Bone dry, I was amazed, and I havn't looked back since.
I strongly encourage everyone to look into cloth diapering, it is so much simpler than I ever could have thought, its cheaper, better for the environment, and completely adorable as well.

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  1. Wow I am definitely a convert! Just have to have the baby now...!!

    In my [not yet a mother state] I just assumed everyone used store bought diapers! I know when my time comes I definitely wont!

    My future kiddies thank you!


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