Just because your pregnant doesnt mean you cant have a girks night out

As most of us have just seen Sex and the City 2, we are now wishing we were back living our glory days- drinking cosmos and wearing gorgeous clothing- Well, just because you are preggers, doesn’t mean you have to spend your nights watching movies and eating take-out …ditch those sweatpants, and put away the vids- here are five fabulous tips for having a night out with the girls!

1) Lucky You!

You are sporting a natural glow. Work it and create a sassy new look using some of this summer’s hottest colors. This season, we are loving shimmery eye shadows, tinted moisturizers ( to get your bronze on), and lips that pop. Active hormones got your skin feeling rowdy? Cover up those unfriendly blemishes with a great concealer- chanel is worth the splurge, but if you are a spend thrift check out Neutrogena skin clearing concealer- both are fantastic

2) Pregnancy Wardrobe Got You Down?

No need to head to the clubs in a muu muu or an extra large tee- you can still flaunt your bump and look chic doing it. Fierce and fabulous designer, Christian Siriano, is helping out pregnant fashionistas with his Fierce Mamas collection. This collection features gorgeous dresses like the fabulous printed chiffon neck dress that is sure to turn heads.

3) Cocktails Even Pregnant Mamas Can Enjoy!

While these drinks might not get you tipsy, we are sure you will experience a natural high when you are out with the ladies. Instead of drinking water at the bar, ask your mixologist or bartender to serve you up one of these delicious recipes:


1. Chill your favorite cocktail glass
2. Pour 4 oz of Fre White Zinfandel, 2 oz pomegranate juice,
2 oz fresh orange juice, and 2 oz lemon-lime soda over ice.
3. Float with a splash of bitters and garnish with an orange peel.

4) Bring Out Your Inner Lady Gaga And Hit Up Your Local Karaoke Spot!

If you don’t feel like getting down on the dance floor, you can still have tons of fun with your friends. Pick a local karaoke spot, select a silly song, and belt your heart out. Even if you have the worst voice ever, you and the audience will still have a great time! We all know, it’s the bad singers that get the most applause anyway…

5) Get Some Late Night Munchies- And Feel Guilt Free For Once!

Finally, you will have something that your friends are sure to be jealous of- you can eat whatever you want and not feel guilty! After all, you are eating for two…some of our personal late night treats are the usual suspects- pizza, french fries, nachos, burgers…ahh…we are getting hungry just thinking about it!

Written By:

Elise Rosemarin & Marta Abrams of Moody Mamas, Inc.

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