Baby Sign Language

Your baby will start talking at around 2 years old, but she can actually communicate with you using her hands much earlier than that - as early as 6 months old! Imagine your baby being able to share with you that he needs a diaper change or would like some milk, or that his tummy aches using sign language instead of fussing, crying, and whining.

Children can begin to learn sign language at between six and eight months of age. Teaching usually starts with three to five signs. Because speaking remains a goal, words are usually used along with the signs. Eye contact and emphasis on the word also help.

Teaching a child signs is simple repetitions: Every time you give your child a bottle with milk, sign MILK. Eventually a child will connect the white sweet liquid that we call "milk" with the sign MILK. Your child will learn to sign it to you when they want milk. Though there are many books about baby sign, American Sign Language has no official written form and is best seen in person or on video.

Here is a great tutorial on basic signs you can do with your little one.

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