Braids, must have braids!

Is anyone else reading the Beauty Department? Can I tell you how much I love it?
Its yet another of my Pinterest finds.
I am inept at hair. My hair lives in a ponytail, a plain boring uninspired ponytail. If i want to get a little fancy, i may even sidepart it. Then I found The Beauty Department and my eyes were opened to a world of braids, buns, twists, waves and combinations of them all.
Unfortunately I have a dirty little secret.

I don't know how to french braid. You're shocked right? I knwo , I should have warned you that a revelation was coming.
I have tried a few of the tutorials and although i seem to be following the directions, i never end up with the smooth glossy even braids they show, more like a strange bumpy mess.
but Im getting better, and I keep trying.
One of these days I am going to post a picture of the perfect french braid i put in my own hair.
Until then, Im probably going to stick to my ponytail though, with one of these thrown in every now and then to break it up,
because that ones actually pretty easy =)

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