Dont Carpe Diem

I recently read an amazing blog post by Momastery.

We've all been there, out shopping, or at the bank with a screaming baby, a crazy toddler, and about three seconds of patience left before we say screw it, and either sit down in the middle of the lineup and cry, or run screaming from building. Of course that's when some well meaning older lady or gentleman will tap you on the shoulder, tell you how beautiful your family is and that you should Carpe Diem.
I try to remember to savor the small moments, I do, but its not always possible is it? Sometimes entire days can go by in a blur and before you know it the kids are asleep and you realize that even though you were with them all day, you really didn't DO anything with them, you didn't stop to smell the roses, and you certainly didn't Carpe much Diem.
So the mommy guilt begins to seep in.
This is a great read for every mommy out there who lives a busy life, who has more to do in a day than to stare lovingly at her children for hours on end soaking up every. last. second of their childhoods. I actually printed it off and out it up in my kitchen.

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