Happy Valentines Day

Valentines day is a very special day for me. Love is something that I have been very blessed with. I have a wonderful husband and two amazing children as well as a network of extended friends and family that I am so thankful for every day, and that I try not to take for granted. I am very thankful for having a special time of year to focus on the amount of love that i am lucky enough to both give and receive.
A lot of people consider valentines day a commercial holiday but for our little family it really isnt. When me and my husband were dating we barely had enough money to live paycheque to paycheque and extra was very hard to find. Valentines day was celebrated with handmade cards, poems, and homemade dinners. Now thankfully weve moved past the days when a dollar store card was out of reach but weve managed to hold on to the tradition of gifts from the heart.
No roses or chocolates will ever be able to replace a hand written note declaring love. Fancy dinners and dates are wonderful but i know that memories of a sleepy kiss and warm arm around me will be the things i cherish in my old age.
I like to think that my daughters will feel the same way. Yesterday me and sophia took time to finger paint a special picture for her grandparents. She was so impatient for it to dry and once it did i helped her cut it out into a chain of hearts.
She was so proud of her painting and on the short drive to my parents she kept folding and refolding it, wanting it to be perfect for nonna and nonno. There was so much love in that little painting. It made me so proud.
Today i am going to take a little extra time with my girls, im going to give them some extra snuggles, giggles and fun. Im going to make sure that they hear how much their loved and make sure to take the time to enjoy the love they give so freely.
Love is life and my life is full of love. For this I am truly blessed.

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