Soy Mocha Latte

I love coffee, i always have. Its a running joke in my house that I'm slowly trying to replace all the blood in my body with straight up caffeine.  I'm usually a simple double double girl, and I'm usually running my coffee maker at least twice a day. Lately though, all the ads and talk about fall inspired fancy coffees has me wanting to break out of my coffee slump comfort zone.
I started with lattes, or at least my simple home made version of them, and i really like them, but then I found this recipe and its like my eyes have been opened!

Soy Mocha Latte
2/3 cup soy milk ( i use unsweetened Silk)
1 short espresso extra strong
1 Tbsp. chocolate syrup
1.tsp sugar
whipped cream (optional)

Heat the soy milk in the microwave until its steaming ( mine took about 1:45, but this microwave isnt exactly top of the line) add espresso, chocolate syrup, sugar and stir well. Top with whipped Cream.

Thats it, it takes less than three minutes and is oh so yummy!

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