Things I got yelled at for today

I think in some ways being a parent to a toddler is a lot like being in a really bad relationship. There's constant power struggles, you have to snoop to find out whats going on, you get yelled at A Lot, and you lose all control over the remote.
Now, before I get a million emails about how wonderful kids are, and how ungrateful i am, I know; I wouldn't trade either of my kids for all the sanity in the world, but sometimes I really wish there was a pause button.  S has recently entered into a phase ( oh god i hope its a phase ) where she freaks out about everything. Everything. Here's a sample of today,

I gave her the wrong sippy cup
the water was too warm
her square cheese wasn't square enough
she wanted pants not leggings
she didnt want stripey pants
her dress was not a princess dress
Brave was too scary
The floor was cold on her legs
she doesn't like blankets
She wanted the Minnie Mouse nightgown but i gave her the Minnie Mouse pyjamas

and thats all from one kid!
Im screwed when the little one learns to talk. 
Is it wine o'clock yet?

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