Toys that suck!

Now that Christmas has passed, My kids playroom looks like a nuclear bomb went off in it.  The other day, I decided it was time to do some cleaning out.  While I was throwing things out cleaning, I realized that there were some toys that I would not be sad to toss. So I present to you my list of....

Toys that suck.

1.  Lego
Have you ever stepped on a piece of Lego? Its an unimaginable pain.  Around here, Lego tend to congregate on the stairs so that I step on them as I'm walking down,
in the middle of the night,
with an almost sleeping baby.

2.  Dinky Cars
Like Lego, but with the ability to roll.

3. Talking Dolls
Sure,  Elmo sounds sweet and adorable now, but give it five months, when the batteries are almost dead, and the doll starts talking in a demon voice when no one in the room is anywhere near it.

4. Barbie Clothes
Have you seen how much barbie clothes cost?
Its insane!
All of the accessories go missing in the first thirty seconds of being open, (creating perfect little chocking hazards for younger siblings to chew on later) and the rest of its isn't even used.  Every single barbie in my house is naked, its like the PlayBarbie mansion.
(there is an exception for crowns apparently, all  Barbie crowns are safely tucked into a pencil case in the playroom )

5. Monster High/ Bratz/ Ever After Dolls
Because they look like prostitutes, and that's just weird.

6. "Real" toy make-up
Because I don't want my daughter looking like a Bratz doll.
I also dont want my daughters unwitting victims looking like Bratz dolls, although, it was Daddy's own fault for falling asleep on the couch.

7. Toy Weapons
I don't know who thinks that a fake bow and arrow or samurai sword is a good idea for children. My kids are already experts at hand to hand combat, I don't need them snipering each other ( or me ) from the stairs.

8. Zhu Zhu Pets
A talking toy with no off button, bad idea. Bad.

9. Playdoh
Not only do most kids think its a snack, but have you ever tried to get Playdoh out of a carpet?

10. Anything involving Glitter
There's a reason its called the herpes of craft supplies, its gets everywhere! Not to mention its impossible to clean up completely. You'll think you got it all until a week later when you find some in the couch.  Just avois this mess completely.

What toys do you hate?


  1. Lego I could handle, though there were many swear words coming from my mouth when they were stepped on. Playdoh, I hated it, you can't get it out of carpets, or anything else for that matter. I say let the kids play outside in the dirt, much easier to get out of clothes, plus there is the added benefit that the kids are tired from all the fresh air.


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