Watching Love Grow

My biggest goal as a mom is that my children know how loved, cherished, and worshiped they are.
I want them to know love; from me, from their father and their siblings, from their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, and eventually from the people they choose to build their own lives with.

As Important as feeling loved though, is sharing their own love with the people that matter to them.  Not because its expected, not because "grandma wants a kiss" but because they want to share it.  This way when they do share, its so pure and genuine it can leave me in tears.

I love to watch my girls with the baby. Their usual darting, stomping, crashing is replaced by a calmness. When he was brand new, they spoke to him in hushed tones of the world they now shared, and as he grows, so does their confidence.  Their stillness and whispers have been replaced by squeezy hugs and smoochy kisses. They read to him, they feed him, they snuggle him.  Watching them accept him so completely into their world has been such a joy for me.

Its not all sunshine and rainbows though, my kids can fight, and they do, a lot!  sometimes i feel like its all they do, between themselves, and with me.  I try to remind them that they love each other, but they not big on talking about love.  They do show it though, especially when they think Im not watching.
Its the little things, like an extra moment of patience, a kiss on a bumped knee, or a set of intertwined hands. This is how my children show love to each other, and it is such a beautiful thing to witness.  I hope that this bond they have forged is something that continues to grow throughout their lives.


  1. That is something that I love seeing with my children. They learn to love and help one another. You see them protecting each other to keep them from getting hurt when they are playing too. It's amazing that you can see this in them when they are also so very small.

  2. I am with you. Nothing warms my heart like seeing my girls bond. They are great friends. I always tell them, there is no one like a sister. Lovely post!


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