Bathtime With My #AveenoBabies

You cant put just anything on skin this sweet.

Bath time is a special time in our house.
Its something we all look forward to throughout the day.  We usually bathe the girls together, and lately we've been letting the baby join them as well.  Its a great time to sit and relax as a family.  While they play and get washed, me and my husband take a chance to sit back and relax a bit.
With three kids in the tub, we need both hands on deck, so its one of the rare times that we are both in the same place without a pressing need to be somewhere else, doing one of the 758 things on our daily to-do lists.

My eldest daughter loves to take this time to ask everyone about their days, even the baby.  We all go through our days and talk about what our favorite things were. Its a great way to catch up.

Unfortunately as relaxing as the bath is, it can also be very drying.  Over the winter, my girls have started to get very chapped skin, especially on their cheeks and arms. We tried not bathing them every day, and it almost resulted in a mutiny!
We've tried several different creams on them over the course of the season, but there aren't a lot of creams out there that I'm willing to put on their skin.  So many products geared towards children have strong perfumes or dyes, and they just make the dryness worse.
That's why I was excited to test out Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo and Aveeno Baby Daily Lotion.
After a week of using them together I have noticed a marked improvement in my girls skin, its not chapped any more and they're not scratching nearly as much.
My own hands feel extra moisturized as well, an added benefit to giving after bath rub downs to three babies using the daily lotion.
Aveeno Baby wash and Babyy Daily Lotion are both welcome additions to our bath and bedtime routine,

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