Chef and Father

With all the food contamination in the news lately its hard to put your trust in food companies to keep you safe, especially when it comes to the most vulnerable members of our families...
But what are our alternatives? Making your own is an economical and healthy choice, its also the best way to assure that only quality ingredients are being fed to your child(ren)
There are a lot of great books out there to teach you how to make your own nutritious and yummy meals for infants and toddlers, but if you're like me, you learn better from seeing. Thats eher chef and father comes in.
Chef Greg (who isnt hard to look at) knows that we dont have all day to cook a meal and his quick easy to duplicate recipes come together very quickly

"I am a working parent, too. Just because I am a professional chef doesn’t mean I’m at home all day cooking for my daughter. So I developed a system that made it easy for me or my wife to prepare a healthy homemade meal in minutes. With our extra time, we spent more nights as a family together at the table and I realized how important this was. I felt this was something that has faded away in our society and I wanted to help bring it back. The next step was to figure out how I could help other parents".

DVD Available here

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