White Chocolate Mousse

White Chocolate Mousse

3 Ounces White Chocolate
1 10.14 Ounce Container Whippable Soy (or Oat) Cream (divided)
3/4 Teaspoon Agar Agar Powder

Melt your white chocolate with 2.5 ounces of the cream, stir vigorously to combine in a smooth liquid, and let cool for 10 minutes or so. In your stand mixer, whip the remaining cream for 3 - 4 minutes to form soft peaks, and slowly stream in melted chocolate mixture down the side. It will become some what liquid-y and appear to have gone awry, but try not to panic. Sprinkle the agar on top, whisk to fully combine, and place the whole bowl in your fridge for 30 minutes. Once thoroughly chilled, whip for 5 - 6 more minutes until fluffy but firm and serve. At this stage you could also pipe it into bowls and refrigerate for up to 6 more hours before serving.

This stuff is incredibly, deceptively rich- While it feels as light as a cloud on the tongue, it is also unbelievably luscious and creamy. I would suggest serving it with a good bowlful of berries to cut it, or a small dollop on top of hot chocolate would be a delicious addition as well. Top a cupcake with it and you’ll have one intensely satisfying, adult dessert, far too mature for the kids to partake in. The possibilities just go on… And wouldn’t you like to discover them for yourself?

Don’t think that I’ve slighted you for this Valentine’s Day either- White Day, celebrated primarily in Japan, is only a month later on March 14, where white chocolate is given back to any admirers who stopped by with some dark chocolate the previous holiday. So get to it, and try some real white chocolate!


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