Cute Alert!!!!

Because sometimes Corduroy bear just dosn't cut it.

Unlike the common teddy bear, each Tedde is an individual: hand-crafted with love and made of high quality textiles such as mohair, handspun yarn, natural wool, linen, canvas, cotton, and cashmere. And with the tag line “Full of Love, and a Little Gas”, Tedde wants customers to know that these bears are not only stuffed with recycled materials, but they’re also stuffed with personality and sometimes, mischief. Among this year’s lineup of Teddes is Flat Frank, Headless Ted, Herman (a hot pink furry fellow with a British accent and a thing for water polo), Tiny Teddes (miniature versions of the Tedde), felt Tedde hearts (only two bucks each!) and an assortment of Tedde food including a plush hot dog. That’s right: a stuffed wiener to cuddle up with!

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