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We all want to look hot, even when we're pregnant. Unfortunately the reality is when I look hot it's usually because im dripping sweat, or my favorite pass-time lately, having a hot flash. Pre-pregnancy I would beat the heat with short shorts and a halter top, lately however, Im feeling more round than before and the short shorts are definately not my friend, and going braless for that cute little halter? not even an option.
So whats a girl to do when she needs to cover up and still beat the heat? I was at a loss until I was recently lucky enough to try Maggie Maternity's summer box, it features 4 pieces that have quickly become staples in my wardrobe.

The pieces themselves are great, I love the cut, and black is nice and slimming. The greatest part however is the material, it's so light and breezy, perfect for those days when it looks like the pavement is melting. I definately recommend this for all the mamas to be this summer.

Happy Shopping

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