Etsy Finds - For your Hair

Your hair is an important part of your overall look. Someimes though you barely have time to wash it (or pick out the cheerios) This week's Etsy finds is all about your treating your mane.

Glacier Blend Shampoo Bar by Swan Mountain Soap Shop

What could be more refreshing on a hot summer day than the cool, clean scent of mint? Our Glacier Blend soap/shampoo bar features a blend of Peppermint, Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils for a completely cool and wonderful, chilly fragrance that both cleans and energizes your whole body!

You can relax knowing that you're keeping plastic shampoo bottles out of our landfills with this multi-purpose bar that works wonderfully on hair and your body as well. And it's perfect for traveling, too. Our Glacier Blend bar is made with a large percentage of coconut oil, along with nourishing shea butter and hair-loving jojoba oil.

Sweet Retro Bauble Hairband by
A Lovely Find


What's old is new again!

Vintage white baubles and rhinestones on a green hand wrapped headband. Perfect finish for any outfit.

Jane Feather Headband by
Rieleigh Rose


This is a super cute feather headband! It is white and black polka dot feathers attached to a thin silver metal headband. If you have any questions please ask!!!

The feathers measure about 5 and a half by 4 inches.

Happy Shopping

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