Lust List fragrances

There's nothing better than a spritz of your favorite fragrance to really boost your mood. Its a shame that my favorite tends to be different every week...
Heres a few of the fragrances on my lust list right now.

Versace Versense $95

Versace Versense is a contemporary bouquet that combines Mediterranean elements into a glamorous, sensual fragrance that marks the Versace woman. A refreshing top of bergamot, green mandarin, and prickly pear opens the scent and melds into an alluring heart of sea daffodil, cardamom, and jasmine. A warm drydown of woods and musk completes the sophisticated essence.

Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture $300

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there were two nice girls named Pam and Gela who discovered the Juicy Couture world of fashion, and fun, fun, fun. They took a deep breath and realized this is how The Juicy Girls smell the world!
They captured the ultimate perfume for lovers - the first Juicy Couture perfume. Bottled in a personally crafted flacon, set on a pedestal, and enclosed in a gleaming jewel box - for all to treasure. There's even a lover's locket you can wear - so now you can have a heart-to-heart with Juicy Couture anytime!

Missoni by Missoni $300

Luscious fruits. Exuberant florals. Tantalizing gianduia. Missoni is an irresistible weave of some of a woman's favorite indulgences. The sublime experience captures the luxe sensuality of a holiday at an Italian resort with notes of vibrant Italian bergamot, dewy rose, zesty bitter orange, addictive gianduia (a sweet chocolate containing hazelnut and almond paste), and fluid amber.

Burberry The Beat Intense Elixir $130

Attitude meets energy in Burberry The Beat. This sparkling, floral woody fragrance is at once sexy, feminine, modern, dynamic, and vibrant. The floral topnotes are reminiscent of a carpet of bluebells in a dense forest, mixed with the tradition and contradictions of Ceylon tea. Smoky and sensual tones of wood round out the scent of The Beat.

The Beat Intense Elixir is an exclusive luxurious parfum. It's a rich, intense, more concentrated rework of the original eau de parfum, presented in a specialty bottle.

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