Nicole Ritchie at A Pea In The Pod

Recently Nicole Ritchie introduced a line of maternity clothing carried by maternity super store A Pea In The Pod. The line features a few bohemian chic pieces similar to the starlets signature look, but i was really disappointed in the majority of the collection. It just seems boring to me, and the same type of outfits that I could get at Target or Thyme for a whole lot less. I love Nicole Ritchies style, and I love how every piece she wears looks like one of a kind. I wish she had incorporated a bit more of that originality into what she is trying to sell us.

As for value, I really don't see any here. The pieces seem very overpriced for what they are. Dont make any mistakes, I love brand names, and ive been known to spend way more than I should on a great pair of jeans or shoes. I just dont think a tag with Nicole Ritchies name on it makes a pair of maternity leggings worth $58.00.

What do you think? Would you shop from the collection (you can see it here)? Do you think a name is enough to sell a clothing line?

1 comment:

  1. Agreed.
    Way overpriced and completely unoriginal


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