Cant Live Without It #2 - AbdoMend

I had planned on having a natural birth, I read all the books, attended the classes, and mentally prepared myself for it. After 45 hours of labor with no progress however, I ended up with an emergency C section.
Recovery in the hospital as hard, i couldn't sit up, cough, sneeze, or even feed my baby without being in a lot of pain. Once I got home however, I was able to put on the abdomend belt and it changed everything for me. The belt held in my incision for me and made every day movements so much easier to handle.
The belt has an adjustable strap that allows me to tighten the belt as I regain my shape and is just as comfortable today (5 weeks post-partum) as it was in the beginning. Next time I ill definitely be bringing my Abdomend belt with me to the hospital, even if I plan on having a natural birth, because i know the difference it makes.


  1. Im going to look into this, I have a C section scheduled for February 23rd and im really scared of the recovery....

  2. A great idea, binding is one of the easiest ways to get your body back after baby.

  3. Im sorry you had to have a c section, I went through the same thing with my son. Im now 23 weeks pregnant with another little boy and i ill be having a repeat csection at 37 weeks. I will be buying one of these for sure.


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