Cant Live Without it #1 - Baby's First Journal

By GlowBaby

Baby's First Journal is a comprehensive log book enabling parents to track the eating, sleeping and diapering schedules of their newborn. Easy to use and portable, this journal will help in understanding the baby's needs and assist in developing a daily routine.

I would have gone crazy without my GlowBaby journal. By the time e had left the hospital with Sophia, she had lost exactly 10% of her body weight, and so we had to be very diligent about feeding her. She was on a strict schedule of to hour feedings during the day and three hours at night, to complicate things further, my milk was slow to come in thanks to having a Csection, so I was also supplementing formula with each feed and pumping to increase my milk supply.
Combine this with the regular exhaustion of having a newborn and recovering from major surgery, and I was more than a little overwhelmed.
The Glowbaby journal was a major help in keeping my sanity in the first few weeks of her life, it had a simple layout where i could keep track of how often she fed, when i supplemented, wet and dirty diapers, whether I had given her vitamins, as well as when i pumped. Being able to keep all of this information together as a lifesaver, and until she was back at her birth weight this journal was within arms reach at all times. Definitely a must have for any new parents

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  1. oOoOo... I wish I had known about this when I weclomed my daughter to the world. I'll have to keep it in mind for the future!


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