The Green Monster

My daughter has always been a Daddy's Little Girl. She adores him, and doesn't keep it a secret. Its been that way since day one. Don't get me wrong, she loves me too, its just that in her eyes, Daddy is the greatest. I cant say I blame her, she does have a great daddy.
It's not that I doubt that she loves me, i get so many hugs and kisses all day, every day that it would be impossible to doubt, but there's no denying that daddy is her rock star.

Every day it seems Sophia is learning new things, new words, new ways to express herself, new games, she is constantly learning. Her new thing is sentences, she is so proud is herself when she learns a new sentence. It started with "Bye-Bye Daddy", then there was "whats that?" which she uses about a bazillion times a day.

Her newest sentence though, blew us both away. We were sitting at the dinner table, and both me and Daddy were playing with Sophia as she ate. Out of nowhere, in a voice as clear as a bell, she said,

"I love you Daddy"

It was probably almost thirty seconds before I could pick my jaw up off the floor. Sophia hears the words I love you at least a hundred times a day from me and Daddy, but she has never said them back,
I was overjoyed, my little girl just declared her love.
I wanted to jump up and grab her, give her tons of hugs and kisses, but Daddy had already scooped her up in his arms and was dancing around the living room.

I let them have their moment, and later on after we had tucked her into
bed, when we were sitting on the couch talking about the day, and he was just beaming with pride thinking about his little girls adoration, I tried not to let my jealousy show, but I will admit it was hard.

It's been a week since she said it, and she has yet to say it again. I try constantly to get her to say it, the kid must hear "I love you Chickadee" no less than 200 times a day, but she's holding out. I think she knows if she makes me wait, she can milk this. Many of you may doubt that a fourteen month old can have the plotting power of a James Bond super villain but its true. You just watch, she'll say those words again, and I bet you it will be in a toy aisle.
and It will probably work.


  1. Aww, LOVED this post. I teared up during the paragraph after the "I love you Daddy" quote. *sigh*

  2. This is such a beautiful article Jaymi. It is easy to feel envious when the person you love the most, shows so much love for someone other than you....but know how lucky you are, and how lucky Sophie is to have someone who also loves her that much. You have such a beautiful family.


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