I have a secret

and I can finally share it with everyone!
Surprise, surprise we are expecting again! Sophia and Vanessa are both going to be big sisters this October.
To say that Im shocked was an understatement. After using assisted reproduction to conceive both of our girls, I really didnt think a "whoops" could happen to us and so we did absolutely nothing in the way of birth control after Vanessa was born. Then out of nowhere I started feeling nauseous, i stopped losing weight no matter how hard i tried at the gym, and I was beyond tired. I even said to dh that I felt ... pregnant.
Neither of us believed it though, I didnt even bother to test until I had been feeling steadily worse for over a week. I cannot even tell you how shocked I was when that second line came up on the pregnancy test. There really are no words.
The very next day an ultrasound confirmed that we were 8! weeks along.
I am now 13 weeks and so happy to be able to share it with the world.

Milestone: This week Im officially out of the first trimester. I cannot say that Im going to miss it at all. Morning sickness, extreme fatigue, cramping, fear at every twinge, I am not leaving it behind fast enough.

Sick, tired, but it seems to be easing up a little bit, Ive ventured out of the house during the day a few times in the last week and that definite progress.

hot sauce actually anything spicy, but the second it touches my lips I get killer heartburn so i havnt been indulging. I have however been eating freezies like they're going out of style.

Wishing for:
a doppler

Looking Forward To:
My very first midwife appt tomorrow, I wasnt able to get the entire team that delivered Vanessa because unfortunately they were very full by the time I called. But I am fortunate enough to be seeing two of the three woman who helped me through my last pregnancy

Reading: Hunger Games trilogy

Favourite clothes right now: My maternity clothes... Yup - I'm officially in my mat clothes!!!

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  1. Congratulations! Just started reading your blog... looking forward to following along this journey.


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