I am obsessed

Me and my Uggs
I have a confession...
I am an Ugg fan ( hangs head in shame). I cant help it, I love them so much, Ive even been known to wear them in the summer with a dress (gasp). There is nothing more comfy than a pair of Uggs and a pair of leggings with a big comfy sweater for fall.

I have been trying for a few years to find a pair of boots that are even close to as comfy as my Uggs and have failed on multiple attempts. This year though I am going to double my efforts because i have a new love....boot socks.
How freakin gorgeous are these things?  I just bought like forty pairs, and modelled them for my hubby who promptly swore he would not be seen in public with me if I insisted on wearing them with my Uggs.  This coming from the man who went through a phase of wearing only shirts silk screened with pictures of cars and flames on them.  Where is the loyalty I ask?
So now I am in search of a pair of boots that will work with my socks. I found these,

but I seriously doubt that hubby will let me spend almost $500 on a pair of boots that i only want because they'll show off my socks. So Im turning to you readers, I need a good pair of fall/winter boots, flat, preferably leather, that dont cost a mortgage payment. Any suggestions?

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