My Princess Room

I think I'm finally ready to share my Princesses room.  Its still not completely finished, but were getting there and I love how its turning out! 
The biggest challenge we faced, was that the girls are sharing for the very first time, and we wanted them to each feel like it was their space. In the old house S's room was pink and brown stripes and Vs room was purple and white, we thought that having similar colors here in the new house would make the transition easier so we painted the room half purple and half pink.  I then added some birch tree decals from Etsy to fancy it up a bit.
I am so in love with this decal, but a warning for anyone who is considering one, block off an entire afternoon to get that thing up. I thought an hour tops, and spent four hours in the room.
Decal from Etsy
We kept a few element from the old nursery including their furniture, light fixture, and a few accessories. I added a few things as well though, like the mirror on the dresser ( that will be hung on the wall eventually) that I am so in love with. Its from Jysk.

One piece of furniture we did have to change though was Sophia's bed. This was a CHORE! Both of the cribs turn into double beds, unfortunately neither of the rooms we could have given them have room for  two double beds with a decent amount of space between them, and so began the arguing.
Dh was all for bunk beds, and I am not, not even a little bit. We already have issues with the little one jumping off furniture, the last thing I need to give her is a ladder to get some height!  I fell in love with a bed from the Disney Princess Series ( how did I not know Disney made furniture?) that cost exactly four million dollars.
Finally after weeks of shopping online and in store we ended up at Ikea, which is where we found this sweet little white iron bed. It was perfect, and now my big little princess has a real bed instead of just a mattress on the floor.

There's still quite a few things missing from the room. I need curtains, a bed skirt and sheets, and a few more wall "thingies", but I love how its coming along!

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