Wanted for crimes against my home and sanity

Name : Vanessa
AKA : The Little One, Vinnie the Destroyer, Psycho Vin
Last known Location: Under the table pulling fur off the cat
Height/Weight: short and skinny
Hair: Messy, often with an elastic half pulled out of it
Eyes: Blue and shifty, constantly looking for trouble
Other Phys. Characteristics: extreme cuteness

Wanted In connection with a recent crime spree that has resulted in the destruction of property and thier mothers sanity.

Exhibit A

One of the many crime scenes where the suspect decided that the four month old beige carpet featured throughout the house was in need of a makeover, in this instance with a sharpie.  Suspect has also been known to use spaghetti sauce, mud, and the entire crayola line.

Exhibit B

This fridge was 5 minutes old when the suspect got ahold of it. Injuries have been diagnosed as permanent

Exhibit C

Suspect has made it her mission in life to remove all paint from the front door, and attempt to feed it to cats.

Exhibit D

Every. Single. Doorstopper.
Every. Single. Day.
Suspect then proceeds to run around slamming doors open and shut.

Exhibit E

Suspect insists on completely distroying front entranceway immediately upon hearing of company coming over. Attempts to stop destruction result in extreme tantrums.

Vanessa is suspected to be operating in cooperation with Sophia ( aka The Big One, Sophie Wophers, and chicken) although Sophia has managed to avoid being caught red handed it is suspected that she is at least partially involved in this crime spree, though it is unclear at this point to what extent. If you see the suspects in action, please for the love of god stop them!

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  1. This is adorable. I love how mischievous your girls are, I think my little girl will be the same when she is older.


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