Failure to thrive

Can I tell you how much I hate those three words? With my second daughter they came out of left field when my healthy happy four month old suddenly dropped almost half of her weight in a time period that I still can barely comprehend.  Those three awful words, failure to thrive, kick started months of supplementing, guilt, tears and stress. This time around I was proactive, I had Z monitored right from day one, I kept my workouts light and made sure I took in enough calories, i fed on demand and he demanded often, we co-slept, i made lactation cookies and we've done so much skin to skin that I'm surprised we haven't fused together!
And yet here we are eight weeks old and he weighs the exact same as when he was born.  This time the failure to thrive is not due to supply but to a resistant case of thrush and a lazy little boy, but it still sucks.  My fat little baby has become my scrawny baby and I can't tell you how much I want those rolls back

Feeding, pumping, and supplementing around the clock is exhausting, as are the trice weekly appointments and weigh ins, and I am so thankful for the support system I have in place because without them I honesty don't know how I would get through the days.  
Dealing with this twice though has given me some great insight into how hard breastfeeding can be. I never suspected, after having such an easy time with my eldest that I would face these challenges, but like pregnancy, every baby and every postpartum experience is different.  I've learned a few tips and tricks along the way and i now have a list of things I recommend every expectant mom prepare ( and every mom of a young infant as well) just in case things don't go perfectly.

1 A list of local breastfeeding resources 
I cannot stress enough how valuable this is.  Breastfeeding isn't always easy there are amazing resources out here that can help you through any rough spots you might have. Have a knowledge of what is available (and when) in your area.  La Leche League is a great place to start.

2. A Good breast pump
I am a huge fan of Medela and recently upgraded from a single electric to a double ( Medela Pump in Style) and it has been some of the best money I've ever spent. I can pump twice as much in half the time and as a result have even managed a small freezer stash!

3. A Good Carrier
My cuddly wrap has seen me through two babies without a complaint, but this time around I've added an Infantino Mei Tei ( review coming  soon)  that I'm in love with.  A good carrier makes skin to skin time easier and can really save a new moms sanity especially if she has more than one bambino.

4.  The right bottle
Again I'm going to recommend Medela, the Calma nipple is the closest thing to a breast that I've seen on the market, if yore switching between the breast and trust me I've tried about a gazillion brands. These are definitely worth the investment.

I would never wish breastfeeding troubles on even my worst enemy but in most cases with commitment, a lot of work, and the right support it can be overcome. 

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  1. Such a great mom you are. I give up breastfeeding from day 1. I'm a bit regret but if I keep trying without succeed I would have depression. So my girl is all on formula and know what, she had never get sick until almost 2 yrs old when she starts daycare. My 2 cents is that if mom can breastfeed that's great but if cannot make it don't have to stress out. At the end, the child may turn out just as great. :)


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