Happy Birthday to My House

I cant believe its been a year since we took possession of our home. We watched this house be built from the ground up, and I remember the anticipation as each stage was finished.  It became our Sunday tradition to drive out and visit our house.

I was so excited to have our house for Christmas, but we couldn't move in until Boxing Day. We came to paint though, and my sweet hubby surprised me with a Christmas tree set up in our new home. It didn't matter that it was the only thing in the house, or that there were no ornaments, we were home for Christmas.

So much has happened in the last year that it seems to have passed in the blink of an eye.
Moving here was such a big change in our lives, I remember how scared I was a year ago, newly pregnant, leaving the city I was born in, all my friends, my family, everything I knew, and moving over an hour away. I'm so happy we did though because I love it here, and I love the life were building and leading here. I have found a wonderful community and I couldn't be happier.
Happy Birthday House <3 p="">

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