Salt dough ornaments

Over the weekend we were on an ornament streak! We made our sparkle dough, some fancy snowflakes, and salt dough ornaments.
If you've never made salt dough, you have to try it. You seriously can't mess this up, even if you're craft inept. It's literally salt, flour and water mixed together, shaped, baked for two hours and then painted.

It can hold its shape fantastically which makes it great for hand/foot/fingerprints. I have a thing for prints so we made a ton of them,

Z's fingerprint
V's fingerprint reindeer
And my favorites, our thumbprint hearts. I think these turned out amazingly!

We also did some shaped ones and I am happy with how they turned out, our snowman family,

My owl, apparently his name is bread

And of course you have to get the kids involved too ;), these are perfect to paint and are super sturdy for when they're inevitably dropped

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