Update on us

Thank you to every one who wrote to me about their experiences with failure to thrive.  It's amazing how many people are affected by this. I have to admit, I was feeling alone and it's great to hear from others who have been there.
Z has started slowly gaining now, it's still slow though. We are finally above his birth weight which is fantastic, although not by much. We are sticking to our every two hour feeding schedule and have started supplementing with formula as well and we just keep on swimming.

On the happy side though, yesterday was S's fourth birthday and we had a blast.
This year we decided to do a party in her classroom and it couldn't have been a bigger hit. We hires a local company to bring a petting zoo into the classroom and it was a ton of fun, and we all learned a bit as well.
There were lizards, turtles, a hedgehog and even a small alligator, although my favorite was the sugar glider. 
Now that the birthday is done I can start panicking about Christmas again. How is it only 18 days away?

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