Fabric tea bag toy - tutorial

I made these little tea bags for S for Christmas and I lie how they turned out. They were a super simple project and took all of an hour to make a set of six.

You'll need

A real tea bag
A marker or pencil
Small piece of cardboard
Two complementing fabrics (I used scraps you don't need a lot at all)
Rice or other filling
A sewing machine or needle and thread
Pretty string 

Cut two small (3cm or so) squares of fabric and top stitch them together with one end of the string sandwiches between them.
Create a stencil by tracing the tea bag onto the cardboard. Use te stencil to cut out two pieces of tea bag shaped fabric. Pin the two pieces together with the wrong sides facing in.  Place the bottom of the string at the top of the tea bag and pin in place.  
Sew around edges leaving bottom edge open and unsewn. Flip seen fabric right-side out and fill 3/4 with rice. Using a pin to keep the rice in place, too stitch across the bottom seam.
Now do that five more times and you have a set. :)


  1. It's just what I had in hand. You could use anything to fill them. :)


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