What Am I Teaching Them?

My girls were playing Barbies this morning, when I overheard the big one say this....

"This lady cant drive because shes a mommy, and this lady cant drive because shes a mommy too, but this family has two mommies and no daddy so this mommy drives because they have places to go and they don't care about the rules."


Who taught these kids that mommies cant drive?
Oh wait, I guess I did.
I've been caught in that damn trap of them learning through my actions again.
I don't drive. I never have.  I keep saying I'm going to, I even own a vehicle, but I just haven't gotten around to getting my full licence. And now my kids think its against the rules for a mommy to drive.  
I guess its time to move that particular point a little higher on my to-do list.....
Why cant they just do what i say not what I do?


  1. Yeah but at least they think that a family with two mummies is ok, your doing something right

  2. That above comment was your mummy I don't know why it's showing up as you

  3. I love hearing what the kids have to say. There are a lot of moms who do not drive. I got my license when I had three kids and was in my 20s. It opened up a whole new world.

    1. It's funny, my goal was to get my licence by the time I turn 30, I have less than 2 months left.....

  4. It's never to late to learn. I taught my mom how to drive when she was 48! She's 77 now!

  5. That's amazing! Good for her, and for you

  6. Kids only follow the rules we don't intend to set! LOL Visiting from SitsShareFest


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