Whoot Whoot I'm a PTPA Blog-A-Holic

I am so excited that i have been given the chance to join the PTPA Blogaholic team!

I've been a fan of PTPA almost as long as I've been a parent.   Back when my eldest daughter was a baby, I was so overwhelmed at the sheer amount of STUFF being marketed to parents, I didn't even know where to start.
Which sippie cups should I use, which toys are best?
I learned quickly though to look for the PTPA seal, seeing the seal on a product shows me that it has been tested and loved by parents just like me, and I have agreed with them again and again!

Why not join PTPA and make your voice heard, sign up here, to become a parent tester,
and dont forget to join
PTPA on Facebook, and
@PTPA on Twitter

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