7 Things About Winter That Don't Completely Suck

I am not a fan of winter.  Sure there are days when I can appreciate it, but overall I am a summer person.
I am at my happiest somewhere around thirty degrees Celsius.
Now that we are mid-way through March and in the midst of receiving up to 20 cm more snow I can honestly say that I am DONE with winter.   Unfortunately though, it's not up to me, and mother nature is apparently looking in another direction, so instead of hiding under my blankets and crying until spring shows up, I have decided to try and find something, anything I can still appreciate about winter.
This is what I came up with,

7 Things About Winter That Don't Suck

1. A lot less sunscreen
I don't have to coat my children in sunscreen before they leave the house, which is like, the only thing I dislike about summer.  It also means no weird tan lines from wiping my greasy-from-sunscreen hands off on my legs.

2. Boots.  
I actually wouldn't have said that at the beginning of winter.  I'm am not normally a boot person, but then I found these, and they changed everything I thought I knew about boots.  They are beautiful and comfortable and warm, and I'm pretty sure they are lined with angel kisses.

I can hide my bad hair days under a hat, which means I wear a hat pretty much every day.

4. Soup
I have soup at least once a week when its cold outside, its a great way to get my kids to eat their veggies
(try this recipe, its fabulous if i do say so myself)

5. Hot chocolate
because, chocolate

6. Snuggling in front of the fireplace
OK, I don't have  fireplace but if I did, this would be awesome!

7. Even though winter sucks, It's almost over!
So hang in there.

Are you a winter lover or hater?


  1. This list is the cutest, and your points are so true. My hubby hates the winter, although I think snow is beautiful I don't like driving in it, shoveling snow, or the freezing temperatures. I do love hats, soup, and chocolate, so I agree... there's a couple things about winter that don't suck! Cute post. SITSgirls are the best. :)

  2. See...winter isn't THAT bad Jaymi ;) I am super jealous that you got a pair of mukluks. They're on my bucket list of must-have retail indulgences! Which ones did you get?? xo


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