Parenting Through the Hard Stuff

My kids have always been my main source of joy, when I have an off day, they are the ones that can cheer me up and remind me of how insignificant my troubles usually are.
When I'm stressed out and mad at the world, I can immerse myself into their world, a world of play and magic, of fun, and imagination.  It's a world where adult problems aren't even on the radar, and where the worst catastrophes can be solved with a snuggle
A few weeks ago I was faced with some really bad luck.  It hit me hard,  I wanted to lay in bed and do nothing but cry.  I wanted to hate the world. I wanted to wallow in how unfair life can be.

With three kids though, that is not an option.

Its hard to put on a happy face when you just want to cry, but as parents sometimes we have no choice.  My kids needed to eat, they needed to play, they needed their mom to be there, and so I was.
It was hard, but I smiled with them. laughed with them and played with them.  I kissed their boo-boos and broke up their fights.  I was entirely present for them, and I allowed my mind to be full of them, so that there was no room for any other thoughts.
I was reminded over and over, how beautiful and amazing my children are, and how blessed I am.  It's funny, but soon the forced smiles became less forced and the laughter came more readily.

Kids are great at reminding us of the joy that can be found in life, and I needed that reminder.


  1. I would fly to Clearwater and take my boyfriend, soon to be my fiance ;)

  2. Hawaii would be my choice


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