How Not to Suck at Mornings

There's no denying it, morning suck.  There's nothing worse than having to drag the kids out of bed when you want nothing more than to crawl in beside them.  Luckily, there are ways to make mornings easier, you just have to change a few bad habits.....

1. Go to bed at a decent time
We all try to fight it, but the reality is your body needs more than four hours of sleep a night.  So turn the TV off, step away from the interwebz, and get yourself into bed at a decent time.
2. Get Rid of the Distractions
Your bed should be a place to sleep, (and maybe something else wink wink), but not a place to read, check your email, play angry birds, or talk to your partner about the mortgage renewal coming up in three months. So make your bed a no tech, no talk zone.

3. Don't hit snooze
Set your alarm for when you have to get up, and avoid the snooze-button trap. 
4. Wake Up Earlier than the Kids
Set your alarm for half an hour earlier than your kids wake up, that way, by the time the morning rush starts, you're already up, coffeed, and ready to face it.

and just remember, if you've tried everything, and you still suck at mornings....
Its mommy's best friend, and even the worst mornings are a little brighter after the third Venti.   Now if I could just stop twitching......



  1. Getting to bed at a decent time is so crucial. I find it amusing that as a university student and when I was in my early 20s, I was able to survive on such little sleep! 3 hrs of sleep was fine, but now??? I NEED my sleep to be able to function (and be a decent human being)! LOL!!!

  2. I don't necessarily suck at mornings, I'm just better at them after coffee... lots of coffee. :)


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