Ode to my Iphone

Iphone, you were so much more than a phone to me, you were the taker of selfies, the keeper of appointments, the ender of naps.  You were my first IOS phone, and though I resisted your allure for as long as I could, once you were in my hands, I was yours.  We had a love affair that could rival any Hollywood Movie, I used to think it was so cliche, but you really did complete me.

You enriched my life in so many ways, you brought me the Twitter, and Instagram, and I will always be thankful for that.
You made the many road trips with my children more bearable; with your apps and games, they were never bored, and once they fell asleep and I stole you back, neither was I.
You enabled me to capture moments in time, your camera was always there, always ready with the click of a button, and together we have recorded the lives of my children in such amazing detail.
Most of all though, you kept me close with those I love, through phone calls, text messages, and our beloved face time, you have brought my family together, no matter how many miles separated us.
You were my constant companion, and my hands have been searching for you all morning.
I cant believe I abandoned you like that, in my haste to get the children inside and out of the rain, left alone and cold in the stroller, you deserved better than that.  I'll never forget the look on your screen when I finally came for you, how even though you were dripping wet and your screen was going crazy, you still tried to pull up Siri for me, trying to be helpful even when it was you who needed help.
Some may call the tears I cried overly dramatic, but those people just don't understand the connection we shared, how important you were to me, and how deeply you are missed.  You weren't just my phone, you were my friend.
As I sit here beside the bowl of rice in which you lay, I keep hoping to hear a beep, a vibration, anything at all, but I know you've gone to the genius bar in the sky, I hope the reception is fabulous there for you, and that there is more wi-fi than you could ever have hoped for.

IPhone 4S 
You will be missed.

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  1. The love between a person and their mobile device is amazing. Sorry to hear what happened to your iPhone. I loved how you described it is now gone to the genius bar in the sky! Great post!



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