Vintage Books to Modern Nursery Art

vintage broken books become modern nursery art

We, as a family have a big collection of childrens books.  The majority of them are newer, bought for my children, some are older, books that were mine and my husbands when we were little, and a few of them are quite a bit older, from when my parents and grandparents were small.

We try to be careful with the older books, but i believe books are meant to be read and so they are not off limits.  My girls are careful, and a little tape can go a long way, but every now and then i find a book that just cannot be held together anymore.

I hate throwing these books out, they are fabulous stories and some of the art is incredible!  So I have been keeping them, and trying to find somewhere they could be used.
Recently I was browsing through a local art fair when I saw a series of paintings based on classic childrens books, and it dawned on me. I could frame some of the pages from our books and use them in the kids rooms!  Now the challenge is finding the right frames.  I found this little wooden frame ina small store in Algonquin Park that was just perfect for Smokey the Bear.

Im on the lookout now for some frames for Captain Hook, Old MacDonald and Christopher Robin....

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  1. While I would never intentionally harm a book, I love turning destroyed kids books into art. Decoupage is a magical thing. But I've never really just framed sheets from them. Simple, effective. Hmm.. I need to reconsider. (And I love your Smokey the Bear!)


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