6 Things Nobody Tells You About Potty Training

Potty training, no matter what way you look at it, its not fun for anyone.  Luckily the thought of not having to change any more diapers ( or at leats 10-12 less a day)  is enough to inspire even the most reluctant parents.  We are now elbows deep in our second round of potty training and I'm pretty sure my bathroom will never be clean again, and I'm being reluctanlty reminded of a few "surprises" I discovered in the first round.

There are things you expect to happen when you start potty training, like sticker charts and the occasional accident, but there are also a few things nobody ever warns you about.

1. You will feel like all you do is flush toilets all day long.  My eldest has been potty trained for well over a year and still forgets all. the. time.

2. You will single hand-edly keep Lysol in business, and yes you can use it on carpet.

3. Boys turn with their entire bodies, so try not to distract them

4. Your bathroom will be really really clean.  Because you're not leaving for an entire week

5. Leaving the house will become a gamble comparable to spending a night at the casino, after spending an afternoon at the bar.

6.  Your kids will be naked all day long.

What surprises did potty training have in store for you?

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