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Coffee Crusted Mahi Mahi #HavaJava

I may have mentioned this before, but I have a little obsession with coffee.
As a mom, I don't get a lot of sleep, or a lot of downtime, so I make it a priority to start my morning with a few quiet moments and a hot cup of coffee or two before the kids wake up and chaos reigns again.  Of course, I also have a second coffee before lunch, and a frozen coffee mid afternoon, and some mocha scented fro-yo as a treat after dinner.....

Like I said, I like coffee A Lot
Recently I was introduced to SingleJo Coffee, and their fabulous MargaritaVille line. 
Not only is it great coffee, I love that their unique K-cup design is eco-friendly, with less waste and more taste.

I enjoyed their K-cups so much that I decided to try the Espresso Supremo whole beans, and I was not disapointed, even my dad, the coffee snob, gave it his approval!  When my husband came home last week with some fresh Mahi Mahi that he had picked up from the fish market, I knew exactly how I was going to make it.
I remember the first time I found a recipe that involved coffee, coffee for dinner? That's a concept I can get on board with!
This marinade is a great in that its so versatile, it has a sweet, yet earthy taste, with a bit of a kick too. I have used it on chicken and pork chops, but I enjoy it most on fish. 
This marinade is simple, and dosnt need to sit long before you grill it, 10 minutes is enough. This recipe is enough for 2 good sized fish steaks.

You Will Need

3 Tbsp Paprika
1.5 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp dried oregano
1 tsp pepper
2 oz hot black espresso made with Espresso Supremo whole espresso beans
2 mahi mahi steaks ( or any white fish) 

Heat BBQ to medium high, and oil the grill.  While the grill is heating up, mix all marinade ingredients in a small bowl until combined.  Pour over top of Mahi Mahi steaks (skin down) making sure its fully covered.  Turn off flame underneath half of the grill and place the steaks there.  Close the BBQ lid and cook for about 12 minutes.  Remove fish from the grill.  It should be flaky and the skin should fall right off with minimum effort.

Enjoy, I hope you love it as much as we did.

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