Trick Or Treating Safety Tips

With Halloween right around the corner, our days will soon be filled with party invitations, candy, and of course costumes. Its important though, to take time to prepare yourself and your family to be as safe and comfy as can be this Halloween.

1. Dress for the weather
Choose costumes that have room for layers underneath, that way they can be warm AND recognizable as a princess(or batman, witch , kitty, etc)

2.Plan Your Route
Use Google maps or Mapquest to plan the routes you will travel. Have older children who will be out with friends do the same.

3. Visibility
Avoid masks that can slip and obstruct your childs view. Opt instead for face paint to complete their costumes. Here are some great inspiration ideas to get you started.
Attach reflective stickers and tape to childrens costumes to make them more visible to motorists.

4. Candy Care
Remind children that all candy should be inspected by an adult at home before its eaten, make a favorite dinner before trick or treating to lessen the temptation to "cheat".

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