I love water. Love it. I drink it like its going out of style, so all these warnings about BPA really have me thrown. On one hand I want to keep drinking water wherever I go, on the other I don't want to expose myself to scary chemicals any more than i have to.
This is why Ithe stainless stell water bottles by OtterBottle, you can fill them up at home, they hold a lot of water, and their super cute!
Canadian-based Otterbottle Inc. was founded in 2007 in Calgary, Alberta. While seeking better solutions for the planet and alternatives to BPA, the founder and mom of two preschoolers saw stylish designs on a stainless steel bottle as the perfect answer. She was right and here we are over a year later with over 15,000 Otterbottles sold and no end in sight.
Available February 15th

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