A one stop shop for parents looking to decorate with eco and wallet friendly products, Hazelwood Children features bedding, decor even clothing from some very talented designers.

"In a continued commitment to the environment and your wallet many of our products will outlast your child’s infancy by having a second life as a beautiful accessory in your home or wardrobe. Our designers represent many diverse cultures from Japan to New Zealand to Brooklyn, NY. Their designs often reflect the wisdom gained through within the spectrum of their cultural and ethnic experience. Our extended office is the community of like-minded designers with whom we collaborate; namely, women, parents, and artists striving to attain creative and financial independence through beautiful and thoughtful design. We are always working on bringing you new and unique products. "

Were loving the Argington shete sets for infants and toddlers featuring butterflies or dinosaurs.
and the P-sling NY baby sling made from natural organic bamboo and linen fibers.Happy Shopping

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