Barbie does Heidi Klum

hey everyone! here's a first look at the brand new barbie doll - made in the likeness of german supermodel heidi klum - which will be available in stores this coming september - i'm loving that sequined dress! (the new doll is part of barbie's blonde ambition collection ... celebrating iconic blondes in both fashion and entertainment) even while being pregnant with her fourth child - ms. klum has been quite involved with the whole project and was even on hand recently to help style barbie (pictured below) for her very first photo shoot as ms. klum - i bet she also gave her a couple of tips on how to work the runway!


  1. She should have been pregnant. Heidi Klum is always pregnant.

  2. Isn't this the outfit that she wore when hosting the Victoria's Secret Fashion Year two years ago? I think it appeared when she was singing with her hubby Seal on stage, and had a butt cleavage...Kinda risky if Mattel would release one with butt cleavage though.

  3. You know what I think that is the same dress, looks a bit longer on the doll though lol.


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