Let's Panic; about babies

Let's panic about babies is a great site for those of us that are really sick and tired of taking ourselves to seriously. Featuring articles like 5th month - You're adorable, it won't last, and Eighth month - This pregnancy shit is getting old. This site will have you laughing until until your baby falls out (OK maybe not quite that hard, but close). Here's one of my favorite excerpts,

10 Important Questions to Ask Your Prospective OB-GYN or Midwife

1. Is that diploma real?
2. How do you feel about natural childbirth?
3. Why are you laughing?
4. Can you use these hand puppets to explain the facts of life to me?
5. Why are your hand puppets so hostile?
6. Can I just have the epidural now?
7. Why are you filming my exam?
8. Why do you need my passport?
9. Who is that man with the night-vision goggles?
10. Why am I being blindfolded?

This site is a new favorite of mine and I bet it will be one of yours as well. Don't forget to check out the adds, you never know when 1-800-Dingoes will come in handy....



  1. Well, it's about time someone wrote a sensible, practical guide to babies. If only I'd had this 13 years ago with my first. I found it surprisingly soothing to read actually.

  2. My favorite was was to tell people you are pregnant, including "I let someone put a penis in my vagina." Genius.


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