UpDate #2

I am officially wireless as of 8 am this morning. My IV has been removed, and it feels great! It is such a huge PITA to try and be comfortable when you cant move your arm.
Im trying to not read too much into it though, even though i was told theres a good chance I can go home today, because the only reason they took it out is because my vein burst, which is not actually as bad as it sounds, but my arm is really swollen. Luckily it didnt happen until after I got the last bag of required antibiotics into my system.
I really want to go home today, i do not enjoy being in the hospital at all. I wanted nothing more than to be with Sophia and I spent the entire night Saturday in tears. I have to say it was the worst night of my life. I was terrified for Vanessa, i had no idea what was going on, if she was going to make it through this or not.
I have to say being told it looks like your water is broken and your child will have a next to zero percent chance of survival is something i would not wish on my worst enemy.
I felt so helpless, this was my child, i should be able to protect her.
The first gush of fluid had happened at 9:30 saturday morning and my only comfort saturday night was the fact that I had had next to no leaking all day and that the ultrasound taken 5 hours after the gush showed my cervix was still perfectly long and closed and Vanessa had a normal amount of fluid around her still. Then at one oclock in the morning it happened again, another gush. No nearly as much as the last time but a gush of clear fluid none the less.
I called the nurse in tears and was told that they didnt want to do another amnioswab becasue of the risk of infection but they were going to watch me closely for leaking and contractions. my vitals and babies hb were doing great so they told me to get some sleep. That didnt happen.
I stayed up all night praying for my daughter. I am so thankful to know that I was not the only one, and I will never forgot the wonderful support, love and prayers our little family have received over the last few days.
By morning, i had no leakage still and had not had a single contraction, and i started to let myself hope. The dr on call came to visit me after lunch and he seemed so positive. He thinks that the tear has already gone a long way towards healing and that, I may even be able to go home after 48 hours of antibiotics had been put in my system. Just as long as i continued to not leak and had no contractions. 48 hours of antibiotics were complete as of this morning and now I just have to wait to see the dr today. I am feeling so positive today. Vanessa kicked up a storm last night and I just cant imagine that anything could happen to her, I am so in love already with this little girl.

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